ML Engineer (Senior/Staff Level) - Founding Team



Software Engineering, Data Science
New York, NY, USA
Posted on Saturday, April 20, 2024

About Basis

Basis is an AI platform for accounting firms, providing accountants with a team of AI assistants. Accounting teams integrate Basis as part of their team, delegating core workflows and automating time-consuming, manual work.

We closed a multi-fold oversubscribed seed round backed by top VCs last summer and are already in use at several leading, large accounting firms in the US.

📍 Location: NYC, Flatiron office. In-person team.

Your role


  • Architect ML evaluation, experimentation, and monitoring systems

  • Leverage LLMs to auto-optimize and re-train pipelines

  • Orchestrate complex workflows across LLMs and other ML methods

  • Work directly with ML Research to figure out how to turn cutting-edge idea into reality

Take ownership

  • Work directly with co-founders

  • Oversee end-to-end ML engineering pipelines

  • Own as much LLM experimentation as you want

Set culture and practice

  • Shape our early engineering culture and processes, including around internal use of LLMs for engineering

Wear multiple hats

  • Help hire and build out the rest of the early engineering team - there will be no shortage of responsibility

  • Balance long-term thinking and smart abstractions with shipping fast and iteratively

Are you the one?


  • ML engineering: Experience building out production ML systems around complex workflows

    • End-to-end from concept all the way to production (e.g., has owned systems at small and medium scales)

    • Interest in LLMs, NLP, Reinforcement Learning, Probabilistic Graphs, Deep Learning is a plus

    • Workflow orchestration, monitoring + visibility, experimentation + A/B testing

    • Data engineering/ ETL pipeline

  • Experience: 5-10 years of experience in ML; open to exceptional candidates with fewer years and evidence of exceptional ability

  • Vision: Thoughts on how to evolve processes for new ML paradigms

  • First principles reasoner: Ability to break complex concepts down to their fundamental elements and then build from there

  • Scrappy: Ability to iterate quickly in near-term while planning for long-term

  • Autonomy: Exercise a high-degree of autonomy and technical authority; product mindset to reflect product priorities in ML engineering

  • Flexibility: Willing and interested to jump across multiple disciplines

  • Team-first mentality: you are interested in building for the long-term alongside founding team members, and committed to mentoring others and being mentored

  • Passion for vision: Genuinely excited about our tech and its impact on accounting, finance, and economy

  • NYC-based: Seeking in-person environment; working from office most days of week

  • All-in: This is not a 9-5, we have a massive opportunity ahead of us and are looking to multiply our engineering speed. We are optimizing for the best folks and happy to compensate generously

  • A little something extra: You know it when you see it

Bonus points

  • Open-source: Experimented with LLMs, contributed to open-source projects

  • Hiring: A knack for spotting and recruiting engineering talent

  • Experience with financial workflows: Worked with corporate financial data/products geared to finance professionals

  • Product ownership: Experience owning a product end-to-end