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Posted on Friday, April 19, 2024

Founding Engineer

👋 Who we are

Adapt API is a venture-backed startup building the infrastructure layer for Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance. Integrating technology in the insurance industry today is much like consumer finance pre-Plaid (we could succinctly be described as "Plaid for Insurance"), or payments pre-Stripe, and our vision is to unlock a similar wave of innovation for the $2T global P&C industry.
Today, walking into an insurance agency is like stepping into a time machine. Filing cabinets, fax machines, piles of incoming and outgoing mail. What you don't see is that even for the parts that have been "digitized", needless manual work abounds. Few systems communicate directly, leading to endless copy-pasting from emails to various proprietary web portals/desktop apps and back again.
Carrier by carrier, endpoint by endpoint, Adapt will bring each of those manual and error-prone workflows into our simple, modern API layer.
The implementation details are subject to change, but this is our north star, and the future we envision isn't possible without it.

🔍 What we're looking for

We are seeking a highly autonomous engineer (employee #4!) excited about owning the design and implementation of a robust, API-driven product and playing a foundational role in the formation of the company.


You'll work closely with the team and early customers to build a world-class, API-driven product.
You'll solve hard technical problems from scratch, owning the solution through the entire development lifecycle.
You'll help define the tech stack/architecture for a fledgling product — we're technology agnostic and focus using the right tool for the job.
You'll contribute to the creation of the team culture, as well as internal tooling and processes.

🛠 Role requirements

4+ years professional backend/full-stack engineering experience. Working on large-scale open-source projects works too. You've played significant roles in either API design, building processing pipelines, or systemic integration of external systems.
Early-stage startup experience (or other similar unstructured, fast-paced environment)
Live in or willing to relocate to the Bay Area to work full-time in our SF office

💫 Nice to haves

Experience with web scraping, email scraping, RPA — in general just getting data creatively out of hard-to-reach places
1+ years TypeScript/JavaScript experience in a professional or large-scale OSS setting. If you have a comprehensive side project you think is equivalent, send it our way! Clear, concise, and extensible code is important to us and collaborating with others is often a forcing function to that end.
Experience integrating with low tech industries, or other time spent integrating with poorly documented, antiquated APIs (and sometimes even a lack thereof)

🚀 Why you should join Adapt

Opportunity to be a foundational team member to a well-funded, post-product and -revenue startup in a massive and largely untapped industry.
Hard backend engineering problems on day 1. Backend is all we do, and the projects you'll work on will be challenging and interesting.
Generous equity comp (90th+ percentile) and competitive cash comp (50th percentile). As we're a startup, we're happy to play with the balance for exceptional candidates.

🐛 The Founding Team

Jacob (CEO) is a strong engineer in his own right (Waterloo grad, senior eng at multiple Bay Area startups) but will be focusing on the business/product side. He’s gone super deep on insurance, including getting a Broker License and a stint as an insurtech EIR at a top VC firm.
We’ve raised funding from great investors including top seed funds, ex-Plaid folks, and insurance industry insiders.
For more information/to apply please click here to send a short note telling us a little more about yourself. We'll get back to you within 24 hours!
Not sure you meet 100% of our qualifications? Please drop us a line anyway - we look forward to hearing from you!